Brew Timer Privacy Policy

Posted: February 28, 2017

Thanks for using Brew Timer! I wanted to take a quick moment to discuss any privacy concerns that may arise regarding the Brew Timer App for Android.

When installing (or using) the Brew Timer app you may be asked to give permission to Brew Timer so the app can read your phone’s state. Most people ask, “why does a timing app need to read my phone’s state?” That’s a great question so I’ll explain what allowing Brew Timer to read the phone state does. By letting Brew Timer read the phone state the app can tell whether or not you are currently placing/receiving/using your phone while the timer is running (only while the timer is running!) This is necessary so the Brew Timer app can let you hear any event alarms that occur while you are on your call. If the Brew Timer was not allowed to read the phone state and you were on a call when an event happened you would not be able to hear it!

Other then that Brew Timer collects no data from the user and shares nothing with no one!


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